Love Notes

“Having Jessie as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our big day. She was able to capture the magic of our day and we could not thank her enough. Our photos were perfect because they captured the light on a rainy day. They were natural and beautiful and we loved every single picture! I would recommend Jessie to anyone who is looking for a photographer. She is truly something special.” -Love, Delayna and Jaden


“We hired Jessie for our wedding in June and she did an incredible job! She prepared very well and was extremely easy to work with. She has a great vision and takes the necessary time to learn your style and preference before she shoots. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a photographer for their next occasion!!” -John + Kerri Bodnar

“Jessie, Tyler and I will never be able to thank you enough for all of the beautiful images you took from our engagement shoot. Everything about the day was absolutely perfect. Despite my nervousness in front of the camera, you made it so comfortable and fun for us, and for that, I am truly grateful for. The day was absolutely magical, and I love how we were on the same page the entire time. You are so unbelievably talented, and we are so lucky to be able to have these photos forever. Until next year <3”  Love, Tyler + Katie

“Choosing Jessie as our wedding photographer may have been one of the best planning decisions we made. From day one Jessie has been nothing short of spectacular. We were very nervous for our engagement shoot as neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of a camera, but Jessie made it seamless and the pictures are just incredible. We still can’t believe how perfect they turned out! Jessie gave us exact directions and made it feel totally natural. She has been responsive, professional and easy to get along with. We even got the cutest Christmas package from her 🙂 Picking the perfect wedding photographer is a big decision, but after looking through Jessie’s blog and talking with her…it was a no brainer. Looking forward to working with her in the future.” -Mark + Jenn


“Jessie did a wonderful job with not only taking fantastic photos, but making sure to keep both of us at ease during the entire thing (knowing that neither of us enjoy being in front of a camera). She had great ideas, both classic and artistic, and knew almost instantly whether or not the pose/angle was working. She not only has a passion for photography, but it’s one of her gifts that I’m sure will bless many more in the future to come, including us.” -Wil + Alyssa

“Just take a look through her blog, her talent speaks for itself! We had two photo shoots with Jessie so far and the photos have turned out far better than we could have imagined! She did a good job of getting ideas for poses, and she knows her lighting and angles very well. Just give her an idea of what you’re looking for and some locations you had in mind and she will make you look good! Her prices are far below what you will pay for professional shoots, but her quality is right there with the best of them.” -Cory + Rae-Lynn

“Well What can I say about Jessie!! She has a real gift in being able to see what works with her clients and brings out the best in all of us!! Jessie worked well with my very energetic girls and they loved “modeling” for you!! Wish I could have taken a photo of them giving you all the hugs that you got!! I am truly grateful for the photographs and cant wait to enlarge them and hang them up in our new home! We will see you soon for the Christmas shoot!!” -Mark + Claire


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